CinemaBox App user guide

CinemaBox HD is an enticing application that can give you the best entertainment present on internet today. CinemaBox can be downloaded on all platforms; Android, iOS and Windows. Doesn’t matter if you are a novice in this field, Cinema Box will make your movie watching experience quite entertaining through your device.


There has been a hype on “How CinemaBox HD works”. We have been trying this app for a long time now, it has been successful in giving us an effortless movie watching experience. Therefore, today we want to share our experience of CinemaBox HD with you.

Foremost, when you open the application, its home page will show you two tabs side by side, “Hot” and “New”. While, the Hot option tells you which are the most popular movies or most watched movies on CinemaBox HD, New will allow you to notice a list of latest movies and related information.


Now if we tap on the top left option, you can notice Tv shows. If you follow this tab you will be noticing the same screen as for movies. Well, I am sure now you know what to do with this. right?


An option to choose your favorite video, movie or tv show is given on the top right corner. You can mark that star and list the movies in your favorites. If you again go to the top left corner, of course favourites is a very prominent option. Click on that and explore your list for the day.


So, if you look under Favorite option, users will notice “movie download”. Certainly, movie download allow you to install movies by just clicking on the movie you want to watch. As well as users can search for a specific movie, for example, Captain America, The terminator and many more. The application will show you plenty of options in just few seconds.


Final Words


If you are actually looking out for a better option that Showbox, then we would strongly recommend you to download CinemaBox HD. An exceptional application for streaming movies and tv shows for free. One strong point that really attracts users is its simple and enticing UI. Please do try this app!