music paradise pro download

Why Music Paradise Pro is my favourite app.

There are tens of apps that offer to let me download my favorite music for free. But not all of them are as amazing as Music Paradise Pro. The app is dedicated to getting you the best experience when it comes to browsing your favorite music, and downloading it to enjoy offline.


But what exactly are those features that have me so enamoured? Let’s find out!


  1. Legal streaming and download.

    For once, you don’t have to worry about breaking the law when you access the app you like. The music featured on the app is not copyrighted. This means you’re not denying someone their royalty when you listen or download the music you like. Hardly any website can get you this much music legal to download and listen to.

  2. Multiple OS Supported

    The biggest peeve with most other apps is that they are either only for Android, or only for iPhone. Vidmate, for example, comes only for Android, much to the chagrin of this iPhone owner. But with Music Paradise Pro, my iPhone and Android cell phones can both keep the app, and I’m not going to be deprived of the app’s amazing experience no matter which device I venture out with.

  3. No costs involved!

    With Music Paradise Pro, there are no costs you need to meet. There are no subscriptions to make, nor do you need to fulfil offers or watch ads minute after minute to keep your subscription. Your entertainment is completely free. As long as you have an Internet connection, the app is all you need to have oodles of fun. And despite being free, Music Paradise Pro is a lot better than plenty of paid apps that only get you music of a specific genre, or a certain number of tracks a day.

  4. User Friendly Interface makes you want to jump with joy

    The best thing about the app is how simple it is to use. All that you need is a basic understanding of the app’s layout, and your fingers will naturally twiddle to the menu you need to access. The sleek app is easy to learn too. The icons are prominently displayed, and the menus are logically laid out to enhance user productivity. And even though the developers are working on bettering the interface still, it leaves behind any other music app you can think of.

  5. Sharing music made easier

    Have a friend who has Music Paradise Pro? Want to share your favorite music with them? The app makes it so effortless that you’ll forget all about messaging services and whatnots. With Music Paradise Pro, you can share the music you have downloaded with your friends in a matter of seconds. How the app transfers files so quickly is only an enigma.


With the huge library Music Paradise Pro has, coupled with the features I just narrated to you, there is no other app that can stand its ground in front of this amazing free app.