5 apps to watch free movies

There’s a hundred apps and games around that can entertain you when you’re free. But movies are a whole different deal. I prefer movies because they can be food for thought, get me more in tune with pop culture and also have ten different moods in the same 2 hour experience.

Among these many apps that abound, there are a class of apps that can get you free movies and TV shows to watch online as well as to download. There are plenty among this category too. Here are five best apps from among them that you just have to try.



Cinema Box is my favorite app because of the many features it promises. The app is supported for Chromecast, which makes it easy to cast your content to the big scree. The app also makes sure you can watch your favorite TV show or movie when you’re offline by letting you download it for later.

Play View

Play View has a major boost due to its interface. The amazing design ensures you can browse through the latest movies, TV shows and other content easily. You can find movies, TV shows and documentaries, apart from other content based on when they were uploaded, their popularity and their genres as well. The downloading is super easy too, and you can pair it up with a dedicated downloading app like Tubemate to hasten your download.

Snag Films

For those who don’t care much for commercially successful everyday cinema, Snag Films can get you the best of alternative cinema for free. The app is available on Android and iOS through their official app stores. Watch Korean Cinema, LGBTQ movies, Short films, Movies with a mission, Documentaries on the most eclectic subjects and regional cinema as well. Snag Films makes sure you get to enjoy relevant content on an easy to use interface for free. The streaming is legal and is paid for by ads you receive mid-content.


For Anime and Animation lovers, Viewster promises to be the knight in shining armor. The app has a killer collection of all the Anime in the world you’d like to watch, and it is free too. Like Snag Films, the app is officially available on Android and iOS respective App Stores. Using your internet connection and this app, you can have oodles of fun. There are also some non animated titles in the app’s library, for those not interested in animated content.


MegaBox users have loved the app’s no-nonsense appeal. There are fewer bugs and more amazing content in the latest MegaBox app. New titles are uploaded every day, and old ones are maintained for a long time on the home screen so you can watch them with ease. The entire library is marked with genres and time tags so you can get accurate search results. MegaBox allows you to download your content as well, though pairing it with a dedicated downloader like TubeMate is advisable to increase its speed. CartoonHD is the app’s animation-centric counterpart, for all those interested in it.


There are so many apps in the free movie and TV show watching genre. I’m sure I have missed some or the other app which deserves to be on this list. Do tell me which ones you like and I’ll be sure to include it in my list to try out.